State President

Blake Blanton




Linked In:


Arizona State University

Spring 2023

B.S., Business Entrepreneurship; B.S., Management; & B.A., Financial Planning



Sociology Minor, & Real Estate Minor


Events & Awards:

Personal Finance (2022 SLC, 2nd Place), Project Management (2022 SLC, 2nd Place), Management Concepts (2021 NLC), Personal Finance (2021 NLC), Entrepreneurship Concepts (2020 NLE), Entrepreneurship Concepts (2020 SLE, 1st place), Financial Concepts (2020 SLE, 2nd place), Entrepreneurship Concepts (2020 FLE, 1st place), Organizational Behavior & Leadership (2020 FLE, 1st place), Organizational Behavior & Leadership (2019 FLC, 2nd place), Entrepreneurship Concepts (2019 FLC, 2nd place), and Impromptu Speaking (2019 FLC, 2nd place)


FBLA-PBL Historical Involvement: 

PBL State President (2022 – Present), Arizona State University PBL President (2022 – Present), PBL State Executive Vice President (2019 – 2022), Arizona State University PBL Executive Vice President (2020 – 2022), Arizona State University PBL Vice, President of Programs (2019 – 2020), Arizona State University PBL Member (2019 – Present), Campo Verde High School FBLA President (2018 – 2019), Campo Verde High School FBLA Treasurer (2017 – 2018), Campo Verde High School FBLA Member (2015 – 2019), Gilbert Town Council Student Citizen of the Month Award (2019), Business Operations Support and Assistant Services Certification (2018), 850 Cumulative Service Hours (2015 – 2019), 730 Cumulative Service Hours (2019 – Present)


 Excited for this year in PBL:

I’m incredibly excited to be your State President this year! The State Team has some exciting programming and recruitment events planned. If you want to be a part of the committees that are working with the state officers to host these events, please fill out this form: I hope to see everyone at the conferences and events!



My hobbies include playing various board, card, and video games with my friend and family. I simply love being around people! I also play the violin, viola, ukulele, and piano on occasion. The current book that I am reading is Solitaire by Alice Oseman.