State Officer Liaison

Tirso Tonche, Jr.

State Liaison



LinkedIn Link:


Arizona State University – Tempe


Biology and Communications


Events & Awards:

Public Speaking (2018 SLC, 2nd place), Help Desk (2019 SLC, 1st place), Human Resource Management (2018 SLC, 3rd place)


FBLA-PBL Historical Involvement:

State Liaison (2020-Present), State Advisor Assistant (2019-2020), Arizona State University VP of Communication (2019-2020), State President, (2018-2019), Arizona State President (2018 – 2019), State Executive Vice President, Phoenix College (2016 – 2018), Phoenix College Chapter Reporter (2015 – 2016)


Excited for this year in PBL:

I am looking forward to working with this new state officer team and being able to work with them to ensure they are off to a very successful and productive year.



My interests include being an active member of the community and working towards the betterment of the community. I like to watch anime. Doing yoga on the weekends. Taking naps. Trying new foods and leaving the country for up to a month or so as well as avoiding all personal responsibilities.