2021 Fall Leadership Conference

This year’s annual Fall Leadership Conference, hosted by PBL ASU, was held on October 16th, 2021 in Tempe, AZ. The conference was filled with a wide range of competitive events, networking opportunities, and a brainstorming workshop. Three local chapters were able to attend the conference, which included Arizona State University PBL, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Phoenix College. The day began with the opening session, where the State Liason, Tirso Tonche, guided the introduction and reports. Then each state officer updated the local chapters on the accomplishments that have been made and the opportunities that they look forward to this coming term. Some highlights from the state officer team included updated recruitment materials that were distributed to each chapter, the updated website, and the many events that have been planned for the school year!
After the opening session, everyone completed an icebreaker game where they had the opportunity to network with other local PBL members. The icebreaker was a great way for members and advisors to get to know other PBL members from around Arizona. After the icebreaker, AZ PBL President Lucero Vargas directed everyone to begin their first objective test or presentation of the day. When that session of testing and competition was concluded, all members and advisors moved to lunch, where they socialized with people from around the state. As lunch concluded, members then completed their last two rounds of competition with objective testing and presentations. 
As the competition concluded, the officer team moved everyone to begin a brainstorming workshop. During this workshop, everyone was able to think of different ideas that they would like to see implemented this coming year in PBL. One highlight was an AZ PBL GroupMe, that would ensure that all members were able to stay connected with one another at any time on a given any day. 
With a productive brainstorming workshop, members and advisors were excited about the closing session and awards. Blake Blanton, Executive Vice President, announced first, second, and third place for each category. All three chapters in attendance did extremely well in the objective testing and presentations. As displayed in the photos, many members from a variety of chapters earned certificates for their excellent performance. The 2021 Fall Leadership Conference, hosted by PBL ASU, was a successful conference that allowed members and advisors to compete in events, network, and attend a workshop! We hope that members were able to learn more about PBL and look forward to our next conference. 

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